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KUNDALINI - An Award Winning Feature Documentary 

Log Line: Evolution is Coiled Within You 

Release Year: 2010

     Genres: Spiritual/Family

From Script to Screen!!  Inspirational Films and Documentaries 

7 Dots Media is committed to bring forth inspirational and motivational stories through the power of media. For the past decade, 7 Dots Media has written, directed and produced several award winning films and documentaries with thought provoking messages. 

PARTU (Feature Film Drama - Marathi 2015)

  • Best Story (Nitin Adsul): Marathi Filmfare Awards

  • Best Supporting Actor (Kishor Kadam): Marathi Filmfare Awards

  • Best Film: Audience Choice Award at Washington DC South Asian Film Festival, USA

  • Best Actor (Kishor Kadam): Jury Award at Washington DC South Asian Film Festival

  • Best Actor (Kishor Kadam): Pune International Film Festival

  • Best Actress (Smita Tambe): Special Jury award at Zee Gaurav Awards

  • Director Award to Nitin Adsul: for Best Film at Hidden Gems Film Festival, Calgary, Canada

KUNDALINI (Feature Film Documentary - English 2010)

  • Best Director to Nitin Adsul at 11th NYIFF

  • JURY AWARD at SURGE International Film Festival

  • Best Cinematic Award Buddhist International Film Festival

  • Official Selection at: Awareness Film Festival, LA and BMS Festival, UK

TOGETHER FOREVER (Pilot Film - English 2012)

  • Official Selection at: Washington DC South Asian Film Festival

  • Official Selection at: Belize International Film Festival

PRAYER LIFE (Feature Film Drama - English 2007)

  • Special Jury Award: WYSIWYG Spiritual Film Festival, San Francisco, USA

  • Storyteller Award: Redemptive Film Festival, Virginia Beach, USA

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