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The Team

Born in India, Nitin grew up in Mumbai and has lived in Australia and Singapore before moving to the United States. Since childhood, Nitin had keen interest in arts, science, spiritual secrets and film making. 


His first achievement in Arts-entertainment was in Singapore when he proposed the idea of forming the Indian Orchestra group for Marathi music. With like-minded friends, a group was formed in Marathi Indian Association of Singapore in 1997. Nitin participated actively with the group during its first year from gathering artists, musicians, singers, conducting practice sessions, to the final preparation of the event.

Nitin moved to USA in 1999 and co-founded film company 'EastWest Films' with his American partners Clark McMillian, Darrel Cox, and Rupesh Mahajan. ‘EastWest Films’ produced its first feature film 'Prayer Life’  that received worldwide Release. It won the 'wysiwyg Christian Film Festival Jury Award’ and The 'Redemptive Film Festival Storyteller Award'.


In 2007 Nitin started practicing yoga-meditation and started research on secrets of spiritual laws/universal energy. By 2009 Nitin formed media company '7 Dots Media' and wrote, produced his directorial debuted documentary feature film ‘Kundalini’, the energy of Consciousness. The film has won several awards at the film festival circuit all over the world.

In 2015 he made award-winning feature film 'Partu'. Nitin Won Filmfare award for the best story on ‘Partu’. He also won director award to partu as best film at ‘Hidden Gems Film Festival, Canada. The movie won 'Best Film - Audience choice' award at 'DC South Asian film festival' and 'Best Actor' award at 'Pune International Film festival’. 'Partu' has received multiple nominations in acting, writing, film and music categories.

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Nitin Adsul
Writer, Director, Producer

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