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Past Films

My Kundalini

An Episodic Show

A Soulful Journey of a Film-maker.

Film maker Nitin Adsul reveals the secrets of Kundalini activation as he goes through his personal journey of transformation. As he practices meditation, a relationship with inner creative force is established enhancing the artistic abilities, however it unfolds a higher purpose that is not limited to just film-making.

Episode 1 -  The Activation: Host Nitin Adsul introduces us to KUNDALINI and what it means to live a life centered in it. He explores why some never experience it and the pitfalls of EGO that keep us from it. Nitin gives an overview of his life and the events that drove him towards his first KUNDALINI AWAKENING.


Episode 2 - The Balance: Your Host Nitin Adsul, explores his Kundalini AWAKENING. Where he was in life before it happened, and the EVENTS that lead to his KUNDALINI experience. Nitin also conducts a Kundalini GUIDED MEDITATION. Introduction to CHAKRAS in Kundalini explained.


Episode 3 - The Surrender: Your host Nitin Adsul explains how the drive to make an Oscar award-winning film led him down the wrong path to success.  Learn how set-backs, depression, and self-perceived failure made Nitin surrender his EGO to the UNIVERSE. Nitin explores how FORGIVENESS releases BLOCKAGES to Kundalini ENERGY. 


Episode 4 - The Awakening: Nitin explains life after his KUNDALINI AWAKENING. We explore the balance that he felt after his awakening and staying on the path to realize his purpose, despite DISTRACTIONS and OBSTACLES. Becoming a certified life coach, holding workshops, training, and guided meditations led to living a life of fulfillment. Being in tune and BALANCE has led him into the lives of others who were very influential in his filmmaking career.

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