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7 Dots Media is founded by Nitin Adsul, who is an Award Winning Filmmaker, Meditation Guide and a Personal Life Coach. 7 Dots Media’s mission is to tell stories that uplift, inspire and motivate human beings.


These objectives are carried via independently produced commercial movies and documentaries to tell a story behind a journey, a message behind an act, a truth behind an event, and the depth behind a performance. 7 Dots Media’s movies are thought provoking original stories that depicts deepest aspects of humans behavior and stories based on true events and people, revealing the secrets of the innermost truth authentically. These films with professional cast and crew who are passionate and dedicated to their craft, are made for general mainstream audiences.


Based in the USA, 7 Dots Media has established professional relationships with production and media partners in Hollywood and in Indian film Industry to take a story from script to screen. 7 Dots Media's team comprises of writers, directors and producers to conceptualize, craft, write, direct, produce and promote professional quality independent films for worldwide commercial release. 


7 Dots Media’s films have won many awards and nominations.


PARTU (Feature Film Drama - Marathi 2015)

  • Best Story (Nitin Adsul): Marathi Filmfare Awards

  • Best Supporting Actor (Kishor Kadam): Marathi Filmfare Awards

  • Best Film: Audience Choice Award at Washington DC South Asian Film Festival, USA

  • Best Actor (Kishor Kadam): Jury Award at Washington DC South Asian Film Festival

  • Best Actor (Kishor Kadam): Pune International Film Festival

  • Best Actress (Smita Tambe): Special Jury award at Zee Gaurav Awards

  • Director Award to Nitin Adsul: for Best Film at Hidden Gems Film Festival, Calgary, Canada


KUNDALINI (Feature Film Documentary - English 2010)

  • Best Director to Nitin Adsul at 11th NYIFF

  • JURY AWARD at SURGE International Film Festival

  • Best Cinematic Award Buddhist International Film Festival

  • Official Selection at: Awareness Film Festival, LA and BMS Festival, UK


TOGETHER FOREVER (Pilot Film - English 2012)

  • Official Selection at: Washington DC South Asian Film Festival

  • Official Selection at: Belize International Film Festival


PRAYER LIFE (Feature Film Drama - English 2007)

  • Special Jury Award: WYSIWYG Spiritual Film Festival, San Francisco, USA

  • Storyteller Award: Redemptive Film Festival, Virginia Beach, USA

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