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Past Films


A feature documentary​

It is self-evident that all humans are created equal, yet some perform extraordinary achievements and others live a life of emptiness never reaching their full potential. There is a force that everyone is entitled to, that can bring the fulfillment his or her lives desire. That evolutionary force is Kundalini. Beyond science, beyond religion; Kundalini is the SOURCE of the FORCE. This untapped powerful resource available for centuries within every human body is still unexplained, mysterious and kept secret till today.

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This film explores the phenomenon of kundalini. Perspectives of people who have experienced and studied this phenomenon vary greatly.

The views expressed by the people in this film except for the appearance of Dr. Lawrence Edwards, Dr. Paul Pond, and Barbara Whitfield are not endorsed or supported in any way by the Kundalini Research Network, the Institute for Consciousness Research or any board member of these organizations.

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