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Past Films

Prayer Life

A feature film

An Attorney -- with the help of his religiously grounded wife, his no-nonsense computer hacker brother-in-law, and a corporate executive struggling with his conscience -- is trying to prove his client's innocence in an accounting fraud charge that other company executives are trying to pin on her. As the story unfolds, the Attorney uncovers an intricate trail by the Fortune 500 company that includes murder, blackmail, and accounting fraud, all leading to a plot to corner the Asian poultry market. And in the process, the attorney finds his faith and his client rediscovers hers. Through his new found faith and investigative resources, he must try to get the charges dropped and clear the name of his client.


Special Jury Award: WYSIWYG Spiritual Film Festival, San Francisco, USA​

Storyteller Award: Redemptive Film Festival, Virginia Beach, USA

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