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Ashok Ambardekar is screenplay writer based in DC metro area and has written in various media forms.  The first independent cross-over film AKANKSHA produced in Washington DC in 1990s was written and directed by Ashok. The film was shown at the American University’s International Film Festival in DC and aired on Maryland Public TV.


In 2012, Ashok’s first fiction IN SEARCH OF SHANKER was published in Mumbai and the limited first edition is sold out. His award-winning short stories were published by a Canadian magazine.  In April 2017, Ashok’s English play THE FINAL CHAPTER had premiere performances in Washington metro region. In 2014, he also worked as a Creative Consultant for East-West Films’ 2015 feature film PARTU. In January 2020, Ashok’s English play YOU, ME AND HER had premiere performances in Washington metro region.


Ashok’s screenplay for a Marathi film and a Marathi stage play are both under consideration in Mumbai for professional productions. One of Ashok’s screenplays was placed in the semifinalist round at the Table Read My Screenplay 2021 competition.

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Ashok Ambardekar

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