Pradeep Jain


Pradeep Jain 

Advisor, Partner, Consultant

Pradeep is the Founder and Chief Content Architect for Ictect, Inc. His specialization is in Intelligent Content, Semantic Technologies, High-quality XML, and Content Architectures for large-scale applications. He has extensive experience in implementing Electronic Publishing processes for the Department of Defense (AFI 33-360, MILSPEC, AR 25-30, and DA PAM 25-40), Book Publishers (ePUB and DocBook), Technical Documentation (DITA), Journal Publishers (JATS), and Educational Publishers (QTI).

Pradeep has assisted several organizations with their complex document processes, including:

  • Air Force Departmental Publishing Office

  • Army Publishing Directorate

  • Defense Contract Audit Agency

  • Nelnet Peterson's

  • The City University of New York

  • The World Bank

  • Joint Commission

  • Cushman and Wakefield