About 7 Dots Media

7 Dots Media is committed to bring forth inspirational and motivational stories through the power of media. For the past decade, 7 Dots Media has written, directed and produced several award winning films and documentaries with a thought provoking message.  

The Team and Advisory Members

Nitin Adsul (Founder, Writer, Producer, Director, Meditation Guide and Personal Life Coach) 

Clark McMillian (Socialife Design/EastWest Films) - Social Media exposure, Creative writing, Advisor 

Darrel Cox (EastWest Films) - Technology and Film production consultation/support. Advisor 

Maurice Nsabimana - Outreach and Networking consultation/support 

Dr. Balvant Arora (Krikam Investment) - Social Networking and fund-raising support

Pradeep Jain (ICTECT) - Information Technology Partner and Venture Capital Investment

Soma Bose - Creative Writer and Visual Storyteller