About 7 Dots Media

During this fast paced technological and modern world, it is becoming evident that we need to go back and rely on original and ancient techniques as practiced by people from past to bring peace and harmony today. 

7 Dots Media is committed to bring forth this ancient secret knowledge and practices known to some people of present and past who practiced those with universal laws to help empower, evolve and innovate humankind. 


With the power of media, this knowledge is delivered through provoking and dramatic commercial movies and documentaries, powerful guided meditations, webinars, educational classes/workshops/videos, . 


It is our goal to have powerful media products for people to use on their personal and professional journeys. This will lead people to connect to their inner dots and achieve higher states of consciousness to find the ultimate truths of life. 


We work very closely with other established scientific, theological and metaphysical organizations. We  also have the support of many spiritually enlightened people and world class consultants and teachers  in the fields of ancient science, mythologies of various parts of the world, healing methods, yoga and nutrition. 


The organization is founded and owned by Nitin Adsul, who is a meditation guide, personal life coach, an award-winning filmmaker and IT consultant based in the USA. 


7 Dots Media is collaborating with consulting partners Socialife Design, EastWest Films, Krikam Investment and Xenia App. 

The Team and Advisory Members

Nitin Adsul (Founder, Writer, Producer, Director, Meditation Guide and Personal Life Coach) 

Clark McMillian (Socialife Design/EastWest Films) - Social Media exposure, Creative writing, Advisor 

Darrel Cox (EastWest Films) - Technology and Film production consultation/support. Advisor 

Maurice Nsabimana - Outreach and Networking consultation/support 

Dr. Balvant Arora (Krikam Investment) - Social Networking and fund-raising support  

Pradeep Jain (ICTect) - Intelligent Data/Business Development/IT Support

Soma Bose - Creative Writer and Visual Storyteller